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Safety Space is fully customisable to your requirements, add the features you want, and remove the features you don't. Keep your interface simple and practical.


Some of our features

Incident Reporting

Easily report incidents on single-page forms. Forms are customised to your specifications to make them as simple or as detailed as required for your business operations. All incidents, hazards and near-misses are automatically routed to your registers, actions assigned, and reports and live dashboards are automatically populated.


Action Tracking

Attach actions directly to incidents, hazards and inspection findings, assign a responsible person and a due date, and send out notifications. The action tracker allows you to ensure all hazards are addressed in a timely manner and to keep hazard-owners accountable.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and notifications can be sent out for incident reports, hazard reports, inspection findings and assigned actions. Send internally or externally so you can easily keep staff, clients, and subcontractors in the loop.

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Permit Systems

Issue hot works permits, permits to dig, work at height permits and more. Directly from Safety Space, keep these digital on mobile devices, and easily trackable with notifications for expiry times.

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Video Inductions

Keep track of site inductions directly on Safety Space. We also offer customised site-specific video inductions on request.

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Project Reports

Report man hours and project progress on Safety Space so you can plot this against health and safety data. Report formats are customisable to your requirements.

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Inspection Builder

Build your own checklists directly on Safety Space so you can complete inspections on your mobile device. Attach photos, comments, and assign actions with the touch of a button.


Competency/Training Register

Keep employee and subcontractor training records directly on Safety Space.

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Hazard/Risk Registers

Keep your hazard register up-to-date and accessible to all by logging it on Safety Space. Filter hazards and risks by project, category and more, so you can view what is relevant.


Hazardous Substances

Keep your hazardous substances inventory on Safety Space, meet your legal obligations and keep track of the chemical hazards and controls in place for each substance.


Equipment Register

Keep track of equipment certifications, service dates and inspections for vehicles and equipment on site.


Environmental aspects and impacts

Summarise and document the potential environmental risks and opportunities associated with a particular project, and keep track of controls and outcomes.


Contractor Management

Manage the safety of suppliers, contractors or visitors on site. Keep track of their safety plans, attach important information, and track their training, hazards and more.

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AI Integrations

Use the power of AI to generate templates for your procedures, risk assessments, JSAs, provide recommended corrective actions, and auto-fill forms.

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Attendance Management

Use QR codes and GPS location to check-in and out of sites, confirm attendance, induct visitors and automate hours reporting.

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