Benchmark Injury Frequency Rates in New Zealand

Year 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Lost Time Injuries 1.85 2.34 1.93 2.22 1.29
Total Recordable Injuries 3.58 4.61 4.66 5.32 3.17

Source: Business Leaders' Health & Safety Forum

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Using Injury Frequency Rate Data Effectively

The data presented in the table above reflects average injury rates from major companies across New Zealand. By examining these figures, you can benchmark your company's safety performance against industry standards.

How to Use This Table:

  1. Compare and Contrast: Look at how your company's injury rates stack up against the averages in the table. This can help identify areas where your safety measures may need strengthening.
  2. Set Goals: Use the data to set realistic safety goals for reducing injuries. Aim to meet or exceed the best performance figures in your sector.
  3. Focus on Trends: Pay attention to trends over the years in both Lost Time Injuries (LTI) and Total Recordable Injuries (TRI). This will help you understand whether safety initiatives are yielding improvements.
  4. Educate and Engage: Share this data with your team to highlight the importance of safety protocols. Use it as a tool to foster a culture of safety and encourage proactive measures.

Remember, while these numbers provide a useful benchmark, they should not be the sole metric for safety success. Tailor your safety programs to the specific needs and circumstances of your workplace.

Try our LTIFR calculator and read about how it is calculated here.

Limitations of LTIFRs

  • LTIFR is intended as a guide only and should be interpreted carefully.
  • LTIFR is not recommended as a safety indicator for small businesses, where changes to the number of injuries or workers' compensation claims are likely to result in a LTIFR that is much larger or smaller than expected.
  • There is no association between TRIFR and fatalities.
  • The occurrence of recordable injuries is not predictable.
  • Comparing companies or projects with TRIFR is unreliable.
  • TRIFR is predictive only over very long periods of time (100 months or more).
  • More info: CHASANZ Leading Indicators

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