Your Ultimate Mining Health & Safety Platform

Your Ultimate Mining Health & Safety Platform
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Seamless Integration, Superior Safety.

At the heart of every thriving mining operation is a commitment to the health and safety of its team. Safety Space is here to transform that commitment into actionable, efficient, and cutting-edge safety protocols.

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Why Choose Safety Space?

Practical & User-Friendly

We believe in simplicity. Navigate our platform with ease, ensuring that your focus remains on safety.

All-in-one platform

We've curated the tools you need to make your mines safer, and develop custom solutions for your specific needs

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Visualise your Safety

Visualize your health and safety performance without getting lost in data. Make data-driven decisions, and track your progress in improving health and safety.

AI-Enhanced Efficiency

AI assists in form filling, making suggestions for further actions, and more. Making your tasks swift and accurate.

Superb accesibility on web and mobile

Get access on all devices, and use QR codes to access forms and checklists with just a simple scan.

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Expert Advice

Lean on our deep knowledge for optimal safety protocols.

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Benefits of Safety Space


Efficiency is key in mining. We streamline your processes.

Insightful Management Tools

Harness data to constantly elevate safety measures.

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Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead with full confidence in your operation's adherence.

Constant Improvement

Drive positive change for a safer, more productive workplace.

Safety isn't just a checklist, it's a culture.

Embrace the future of mining health and safety with Safety Space.

Ready to Elevate Your Safety Protocols?

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The best way to
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Safety Space is All-in-One, fully customisable, practical,

and the best way to sort out your Health and Safety Fast!

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