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infographic of safety space webapp
infographic of safety space webapp

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Honestly now,
is this the best way to
fix your Health and Safety?

Safety Space is your All-in-One H&S Platform,

fully customisable, practical,

and the best way to sort out your Health and Safety Fast!

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Using spreadsheets and emails?

The problem with spreadsheets and email is that there is no automation, no collaboration, low access, and it is up to you to spend countless hours organising the data and making sense of it.

Low Access

No Collaboration

No Accountability

No Tracking

paperwork problems
complicated software

What about other H&S Software?

Other H&S software want you to change your systems to suit them! Or they overcomplicate the solution.
If your H&S software requires 'training' then its too complicated.

Not flexible

Not Customisable

Too complicated

What are you waiting for?

If your company has a notifiable incident and doesn't have their systems in order it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines!

There were 169 workplace safety prosecutions in Australia in 2022, with a whooping average fine of $250,000 💸

Risk of massive fines

Not getting hazards communicated or resolved

Wasting hundreds of hours on paperwork

Getting your H&S in order can save lives AND your bottom-line.

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Fix Your H&S in 1-2-3

Step 1


We ensure all your company has access to Safety Space, and import all your existing H&S data. So you can manage H&S in one place.


We Set It Up For You

infographic of safety space centralised data
infographic of safety space streamlining process

Step 2

Streamlined Workflows

We customise your forms and workflows to suit your process, and integrate with other software you use.
We automate manual tasks to enable efficient H&S processes, ensuring consistency and standardisation across your company. This reduces administrative burden, and saves hundreds of hours.

Customised for You

Save Hundreds of Hours

Step 3

Real-Time Monitoring and Insights

Now we build your custom dashboard so you can monitor what is happening across your locations in real-time.
With our exclusive A.I. you also have access to best-practice advise on your health and safety performance.

Automated Reporting

Data-driven Decisions

Timely Actons

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Companies are already using Safety Space
to achieve a safer workplace,
when will you?

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With a detailed gap analysis report and practical steps, you'll have a roadmap to enhance your health and safety practices.

This free service empowers you to create a safer workplace, reduce risks, and prioritize employee well-being. Contact us today and take the first step towards a safer workplace.

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